This game is a submission for the Rusty Jam #2

IMPORTANT: The current browser build appears very dark, for a much better experience, please download and play the Windows build at the bottom of the page. If do not have access to a Windows computer, we recommend playing the WASM build here instead: due to an issue with the middle mouse on the itch page.


  • Movement: WASD or arrow ⬆️ ⬅️ ⬇️ ➡️ keys
  • Catch Animal: press E key while in range
  • Inspect (view stats): right click on animal or chimera
  • Cast Selected Spell (at/toward mouse cursor): left click at desired location/direction
  • Change Spell (toggle): middle mouse button
  • Select Chimera Parts: left click on two chimera parts in inventory


You have been an apprentice to a powerful sorcerer for as long as you can remember. However you dream of becoming a rancher, raising animals in your own pen.

The day your master died, you decided to quit the wizard tower, heading to the small town of "TotallyNormalTown". This town is full of friendly people and a great variety of animals as well!

But do not forget, you are a sorcerer yourself. Everything went great until the day you split an animal in half and take the parts with you to build your own ranch of chimeras.

Now angry villagers will try to make you leave the town. Defeat them using your "friendly" chimeras and try to survive as long as possible.

Good luck.

How to play the game

Find animals that will make good chimeras by right clicking on them and checking their stats. Each type of animal has their own strengths and weaknesses and no two animals are exactly the same. When you find an animal you like, capture it by pressing E.
When an animal is captured you will gain a chimera part for its head and its tail. They will be shown in your inventory at the bottom of the screen. You can collect up to 10 chimera parts at once (5 animals worth).

To create a chimera, select the two chimera parts that you want to combine by clicking on them in the inventory bar. Then make sure that the active spell at the top left is the "Spawn Chimera" spell. You can change the active spell by pressing the middle mouse button. Then, click in the location that you want to spawn the chimera. You can then inspect the chimera's stats by right clicking it. Chimera's will natural follow you if you are nearby and will attack villagers that approach. Try to keep them alive! But don't worry you can always make more!

During the day angry villagers that don't understand the nuances of science will appear and try to kill you. Your chimeras will defend you, but you can also fight back by casting your projectile spell. To cast the spell, make sure that the "Fire Projectile" spell is the active spell by toggling to it if needed with the middle mouse button. Then, click in the direction you want to cast.

That's everything you need to know! To summarize:

  1. Collect animals
  2. Create chimeras
  3. Fight villagers

How many days can you survive?


Tech stack

This game was made using the bevy engine and rust.



Download 21 MB


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This was a lot of fun and a cool take on the theme!

Thank you! It was a lot of fun developing this game as well :)

Cool game

Thank you :)